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Lori Zue Editing Services helps you build credibility with every word.


  • High-quality editing from an experienced professional
  • Peace of mind from knowing your project is on track and on budget 
  • Results-oriented recommendations to propel you forward
  • Enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and an appreciation for the content and your hard work
  • “Value-added” tips, ideas and answers to your publishing and book promo questions
  •  A skilled eye to align your non-fiction manuscript with your brand and the market
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your fiction manuscript’s plot and the main characters’ goals, motivations and conflicts 


When you are credible, your target audience will take you seriously. They’ll buy your book, ebook or workbook; they’ll register for your workshop; they’ll subscribe to your blog; they’ll tell other people about you. If your project is credible, you’ll get the results you want.

How Can We Make This Sell Better?

“Because I combine corporate marketing experience with an editing background, I approach projects differently than traditional editors do. We all provide content editing, copy editing, proofreading – no problem. But, whenever possible, I discuss with my clients such project components as target audience and key messaging, return on investment, brand building, and ‘how can we make this sell better?’”
– Lori Zue


LZES has the resources and the network to help you every step of the way. In addition to a full spectrum of editing services, LZES also provides insightful ideas on which publishing route will best meet your needs, for example, or tips on how to increase sales before you’ve written “The End.”

Authors seldom enjoy writing book proposals, synopses and query letters; LZES will coach you through that process and polish your rough drafts so you can catch the attention of your preferred publisher. If you’re self-publishing, LZES will point out the perils, pitfalls and the potential profits, then direct you to trusted self-publishing companies.

Lori Zue combined her editing skills with her corporate marketing experience to found Lori Zue Editing Services in 2007. Clients appreciate the company’s useful blend of editing excellence and marketplace acumen. Lori and her network of recommended colleagues coach writers through the entire process: writing, editing, publishing, distribution, promotion and sales.


Lifelong editor.

Lori evidently decided in first grade to be an editor. Her teacher wrote, “Lori wants to be a nurse, a hair stylist, or an editor when she grows up.” The nursing and stylist careers never materialized, probably because Lori got an early taste for “fixing” words written by other people. She developed her grammar and editing abilities throughout high school and college, then later honed her skills at providing target audiences the compelling information they need to make confident decisions.

Managing editor.

After graduating the University of Washington with two bachelor of arts degrees (Communications, and French Language and Literature) and enjoying a couple sojourns to Europe, Lori lived the glamorous (!) life of managing editor at a small publishing company: great title, great experience, great contacts, not-so-great pay. While there, she learned to juggle the needs of three monthly publications, an editing staff, freelance writers, graphic designers and production people, PR firms looking for free ink, and very tight budgets.

Vice president, marketing director, mentor and editor.

Later, Lori led marketing teams at two small corporations, where she coached her staff and colleagues as they produced a variety of written materials. In just over a decade, Lori won more than 100 local, regional, national and international awards for her communications projects, and was recognized several times with “Best of Show” honors.

Independent editor.

Lori’s background taught her to be flexible. Front and center in the limelight, or coaching from the sidelines – she does both, but prefers to nurture others so they achieve their goals.

“It’s more satisfying,” Lori said, “to watch an author’s excitement grow as the book takes shape, and to receive jubilant emails and phone calls as the book does even better than we had expected. That’s what nourishes my soul:  Supporting other people as they make their dreams come true.”

These days, Lori works with a combination of published and not-yet-published authors. Repeat business – as well as referrals from publishing colleagues, current clients, and the general business community – comprise most of her client base.

Manuscript and acquisitions editor.

She is also an acquisitions editor at The Wild Rose Press, an online and print publishing house. After she contracts with an author, she follows the manuscript through the editing process and into production. At any one time, Lori works on six to ten manuscripts at various stages in the publishing process: from queries to contracts to edits to proofreading.

Experienced editor.

Lori has sat on both sides of the desk, so she knows what editors want from authors, and what authors can do to increase their chances with editors. Her clients value the real-life experience Lori brings to every project.


Check out the annual retreat designed for new and newish writers of all genres: Write, Publish and Sell Your Book! How to do it from start to finish.

Lori also speaks on topics her clients and workshop attendees value most. Click on Workshops for a complete list. Topics include:


  • Bump up your “street cred” by writing on your area of expertise 
  • Starting your non-fiction book; you’re farther along than you’d think!
  • 4 BIG reasons why a business professional should write a book (or workbook or resource guide)
  • 5 things every fiction manuscript should have
  • Why the heck does my fictional character need to go on a “journey”?


  • Defining and identifying that slippery beast: a publisher
  • Choosing a publishing process to meet your (almost!) every need
  • Self-publishing vs. submitting to a publishing house: pro’s and con’s of each
  • Pitches, queries, synopses and proposals – not as scary as you’d think!
  • E-publishing: what it is, where it’s going, how you can benefit
  • Book budgets for non-brainiacs


  • What to do now to increase sales later
  • How to have successful book-signing events
  • Online marketing and social networking: God’s gift to book promotion or a necessary evil? Or both?