Sample Client List


Below are a few of the authors who hired Lori Zue Editing Services to polish their words, trim any excess, find holes, untangle plot snarls, suggest new and user-friendly ways to visually present complicated data, fine-tune the book's key points, recommend information for the book's front matter and back matter, or infuse the manuscript with compelling words and intriguing concepts designed to increase sales.


  • Tiberio Simone and Matt Freedman

La Figa: Visions of Food and Form

      Edit (developmental, substantive, content and copy editing) the text of author Tiberio Simone (a native Italian) to preserve his unique voice. Arrange sequence of stories. Work closely with design team to coordinate text and photos. Provide developmental input on and edit covers and dust jacket.

  • Anuelle Floyd

Seasons in Purdah

  • Ed Lincoln

Life Through the Rearview Mirror

  • Lynne Roberts

Hooking Up

  • Peter D. Snow

Jesus: Man, Not Myth

      Provide content and copy editing for this novel (which was based on decades of research) of Jesus' public life.

  • Catherine Bybee (award-winning author)

Kilt Worthy

  • Suzanne G. Beyer and John S. Pfarr

The Inventor's Fortune Up for Grabs

Work with co-authors to devise a story structure that blends their perspectives (personal and legal) of this true tale. Editing included developmental, substantive, content and copy editing.

Media Reviews (partial list):

The Baryon Review, Investigation Discovery TV airs "The Will: Family Secrets Revealed" on Nov. 9, 2011, L.A. Talk Radio, MoneyWise Radio Show

  • Jane Turlo

Ray D. Ology Lights the Way Through the Medical Imaging World for Children and Parents

    Edit (substantive, content and copy editing) Jane's children's story; provide input on and editing of the back cover text.

  • Terry Thomas

At Least We Were Married

      At Least We Were Married
    • Condense Terry's out-of-print bestseller, At Least We Were Married, to become the featured first chapter in an anthology; edit the chapter to his new publisher's specifications and needs.
    • Oversee the 2009 ebook release of his bestseller, At Least We Were Married, including new front and back matter; recommend and coordinate the efforts of a cover/interior design ebook specialist; suggest marketing venues.
    • On-going copy editing services for selected articles, blog posts and other written material.
  • K.A., writer
    • Manuscript evaluation, content editing, copy editing, proofread her women's fiction manuscript; offer sub-genre positioning advice and strategies; connect author to potential NYC book agent; introduce author to other published authors and to a well-respected local publisher.
  • The Wild Rose Press publishing company

Voted (by readers) the #1 Best Publisher in the Preditors and Editors Poll, 2008, 2009, 2010 
Editor pseudonym used               
Work with up to ten authors at any given time

    • Acquisitions editor: review query letters and submissions; provide detailed, personalized, encouraging rejection letters and sample manuscript edits; contract appropriate, well-written, engaging manuscripts; change book titles, if needed, to generate more sales.
    • Manuscript editor: work with authors to revise and edit contracted manuscripts ranging in length from 5,000 to 100,000 words; copy edit manuscripts; proofread final versions before and after production galleys are available.
    • Author relations: support, nurture and encourage authors at each stage of the contracting, editing, and production processes; post comments on their blogs to support their book promotion efforts and help draw new readers; offer creative marketing solutions; research industry trends and offer fresh ideas and timely advice.




  • Dr. Julie Miller, author, speaker, consultant, business coach

Secrets of Self-Starters: 47 Amazing Stories to Ignite the Self-Starter in You

    Content editing, copy editing and proofreading Julie's book, Secrets of Self-Starters: 48 Amazing Stories to Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU!; edit back cover text

  • Mikelann Valterra, director, Women's Earning Institute

Mikelann's Emotional Pricing Workbook: How to Feel Great Charging What You're Really Worth

      Emotional Pricing Workbook

    Content editing, copy editing and proofreading of Mikelann's Emotional Pricing Workbook; back cover text; extensive website content revision to include newest workbook.

  • Danelle Brown, author, business coach, owner of Queen Bee Consulting

Soulmate Proprietors: How to Run a Business with Your Spouse and STAY Married!

    Edit (substantive, content, copy editing and proofreading); revise and edit the book proposal for agents and publishers.

  • Mary Berney, MSW, coach, speake, creator/owner of THE Dating Cafe®

Attracting the Right Person into Your Life


    Substantive editing, content editing, copy editing and proofreading; back cover text; assistance with coordinating workbook modifications.

  • Melissa Walters and Rudy Silmon, co-authors

Make No Mistakes About...Buying Real Estate, third edition

      Make No Mistakes
    • Extensive content editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading of 387-page, third edition of Make No Mistakes™ About... Buying Real Estate; revisions as real estate market and legislative environment significantly changed and authors revised and supplemented original material; recommended user-friendly and visually pleasing methods to display charts and tables.
    • Content editing, copy editing, proofreading of selected book promo materials, including news releases, book release letters to key contacts, and newspaper and magazine articles touting the book and demonstrating the authors' expertise. Advice on book distribution offers, methods and strategies.
  • Michelle Majors, author, inspirational speaker, leadership coach, owner of wakeUpgirl

From Break Up to Wake Up

      From Break Up to Wake Up!

    Back cover text; suggestions for a book release postcard.


  • Stacy Willoughby, financial advisor, Waddell and Reed
    • Copy editing, proofreading seasonal newsletter; developmental editing of various resource guide projects.
  • Pia Larson, Fingerprint Marketing
    • Press release revisions, copy editing, proofreading for environmental services client.
  • Anita Elder, Lolalu Design
    • Bio, flyer, postcard, website revisions and edits for numerous clients in a variety of fields, including health care, personal development, real estate, and childcare.

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