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A manuscript is worth its weight in gold to the author who wrote it, and an edited manuscript is the next step in turning those golden thoughts into tangible book sales.

Lori Zue Editing Services cherishes every manuscript, and celebrates the dreaming, planning and plain ol’ hard work that inspired each one. At LZES, clients work directly with Lori, who closely manages every editing project so clients can get back to doing what they do best: writing the next book or running their businesses. Or both.

If you’re thinking about writing a book but haven’t started yet, LZES has tools and tips to get you organized and make the first words as easy to write as the last.


  • Have a story to tell or information to share
  • Dream of holding your novel in your hands
  • Recognize the benefits of being published
  • Haven’t finished the manuscript yet, but want to make sure you’re on track
  • Wrote yourself into a corner and need help getting unstuck
  • Want to do everything you can to increase book sales
  • Appreciate receiving extra services other editors don’t typically provide


Business professionals and other experts who recognize the benefits of being published authors hire LZES. Whether it’s a book, workbook, reference or resource guide, booklet or ebook, LZES knows how to turn a manuscript draft into a polished product.

If you’re planning to write a non-fiction book, contact LZES for tips on using your existing materials – emails, website content, workshop materials, white papers, memos – to compile a viable manuscript with a built-in audience. It’s easier than you think!

LZES also offers a customizable Book Plan template, packed with information, tips and resource links.

And whether you choose to self-publish or secure a traditional publisher, LZES has the resources and know-how to keep you on track, on budget and on time.

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LZES edits short stories and novels – and everything in between – in a variety of genres and sub-genres, including:

  • Genre fiction, including women's fiction, historical, paranormal
  • Literary fiction
  • Young adult (YA)
  • Memoir, including non-fiction memoir
  • Children's short stories

You'll value Lori's insight as a copy editor, managing editor and acquisitions editor, as well as her on-going relationships with several publishing companies. She knows what fiction publishers and agents expect to see in compelling, fresh, well-written manuscript submissions.

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From book planning to editing to proofreading, LZES provides the solutions your manuscript needs. Lori will recommend the type of editing you need, and explain why.

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You’ve written your manuscript. That was the hard part. Now, you’re ready for the editing stage. Here’s the good news: You’re no longer working alone! LZES will guide you and your manuscript through the following six easy steps.

  1. Contact LZES with information about your manuscript:
    • Word count
    • Genre
    • Intended audience
    • Sample pages or chapter (send representative pages, i.e., not your best, not your worst) of at least 1,000 words
  2. When you receive a price estimate, time frame, and general comments about your sample pages, decide if this meets your needs. If so, email your full manuscript to LZES for a final price.
  3. Read, sign and return the Agreement for Services from LZES, which will include a firm price and information specific to your project.
  4. In most cases, the first editing round focuses on substantive edits. When you receive the manuscript, review the comments and suggestions, and make appropriate changes – unless you’ve arranged for LZES to do any heavy revisions.
  5. Editing continues in this back-and-forth manner, moving from the “bigger-picture” edits to the finer points. The number of rounds varies, from as few as two to as many as ten or fifteen, depending on the amount of editing needed, the author’s contributions and the book’s content.
  6. LZES will proofread the manuscript, and coordinate sending it to your layout person, printer or publisher, if desired. Later, after you receive the formatted manuscript or galleys, LZES will proofread it a final time – usually within 36 to 72 hours, and at no extra charge.


Editing costs vary, depending on the project. In most cases, LZES will provide a project cost estimate (followed by a firm price), and not simply offer an hourly rate. For the sake of comparison, however, hourly rates for manuscript editing typically range from $25 to $65, depending on the type and amount of editing required.

Clients usually prefer a project cost vs. an hourly rate because the cost is known up front. Budgeting is easier, and the final cost seldom deviates from the initial price.  Also, if LZES spends additional hours perfecting a manuscript, it’s at the company’s expense – not the client’s.

The project cost is based on information from the author:

  1. Word count
  2. Genre
  3. Intended audience
  4. Sample pages or chapter (please send representative pages, i.e., not your best, not your worst)

LZES will email general comments about the sample pages, recommend the type of editing your manuscript needs, explain available time frames, and provide a project cost estimate. After reviewing your full manuscript, LZES will provide a firm price.


New clients pay 50 percent of the project cost after signing the Agreement for Services and before work begins. Projects greater than $2,000 may be paid in three or four installments.

Returning clients pay the first 50 percent at the project’s mid-point, or as otherwise agreed.

For all clients, LZES emails an invoice for the balance when the editing is finished and the manuscript returned to the client for the final time.

Payment methods include check, money order or cashier’s check. Or use your personal PayPal account or the PayPal button on the home page at


Call or email LZES to discuss your manuscript. Be sure to communicate your word count, genre and intended audience(s). Please include sample pages or a chapter totaling at least 1,000 words (approximately four pages) as an attachment to your email. Use Microsoft Word or save the document as an rtf (Rich Text Format). The pages you select should represent the writing quality of most of your manuscript; please don’t send your best or worst pages!

If you choose to send a hard copy, please see the mailing address on the contact page. Enclose a SASE if you’d like the pages returned.

LZES respects your intellectual property and maintains your project’s confidentiality.

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