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Write, Publish and Sell Your Book!
Write, Publish and Sell Your Book

How to do it from start to finish

A Retreat Workshop

2010 Date TBD

Everything you need to get your book completed, out the door and in readers’ hands. All in one place!

  • Turn your book-authoring dreams into reality
  • Build your credibility as a published author
  • Save time and money by learning how to do it the right way – and the best way for YOU
  • Develop a detailed, personalized Book Plan

Attend this information-packed four-day workshop where you’ll get the resources and knowledge you need to feel confident you’re on the path to success! There’s nothing else like it in Puget Sound.

An Exclusive, Getaway Retreat

Join independent editor Lori Zue at The Cove, a luxurious vacation home located on Puget Sound, just one hour north of Seattle.

Learn, write, relax, recharge your batteries and get inspired in this quiet, serene setting with fully-catered meals, breathtaking views and a private beach.

Only 10 spaces available!

Is this what you need?

Whether you’re just starting your project or are deep in your manuscript, choose this retreat if you want:

  • Help with what’s next
  • Tips, hints and guidelines for navigating the publishing process
  • Info on what to do now to increase sales later
  • An understanding of time frames, costs and the choices you’ll make
  • A manuscript assessment to make sure you’re on track for success

You’ll benefit from the retreat’s multi-format approach:

  • Workshop-style presentations
  • 1-on-1 time with editor Lori Zue
  • Small group discussions
  • Guest speakers
  • Quiet time for writing, researching, napping or walking the beach
  • Individual, follow-up phone session

Authors, writers, business professionals and first-timers

Is your book already started? No problem – learn tips to finish it fast and breeze through the next steps.

Thinking about an ebook? Good for you! We’ll show you how to make it work.

Need another income stream? Write a book on your area of expertise. It’s easier than you think!

Writing fiction, non-fiction, or memoir? No matter your genre, you’ll get what you need.

Are you new to writing? We take the worry out of the process. Leave feeling confident and inspired!

Build your Book Plan

Leave with a detailed, personalized Book Plan you can implement immediately! It’s easy to do because you’ll have the knowledge and resources at your fingertips.

A variety of formats to meet your needs

Eight workshop-style presentations with plenty of handouts, resource lists, tips and real-life examples covering all the stages of book writing, publishing and selling. Scroll farther down the page to read about these topics in more detail.

  • Getting started on your book
  • Making magic with your manuscript
  • Defining and identifying that slippery beast: a publisher
  • Pitches, queries, synopses and proposals
  • Judging a book by its cover – and interior layout
  • Book budgets for non-brainiacs
  • Distribution dynamics
  • Promoting and selling your book before – and after – you write “The End”

One-on-one time with facilitator/editor Lori Zue to discuss your manuscript, publishing goals, book plan, choice of publisher, marketing plan – whatever you need

Small group discussions based on common genre and similar stage in the process – learn from your peers. Share your successes, ask questions and discover how to avoid making mistakes

Quiet time and a serene, secluded place for writing, researching or developing your book plan. Take a walk on the private beach, enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot tub or recharge with a nap in front of the cozy fireplace. You’ll be able to focus and WRITE!

Door prizes, fully-catered meals, 180-degree views, and a la carte massage services


Guest speaker from an independent bookseller will show you how to build sales and maximize your exposure.

“Judging Books and Bottles by their Covers” Saturday night presentation and wine-tasting event hosted by a local wine aficionado

Only 10 spots available! Hurry to reserve your place. Click here to register.

This is your chance to invest in yourself, your business, your dream!

Registration information

Sign up today to reserve your place at this unique retreat workshop. Early registrants have their choice of view rooms and private or double occupancy accommodations at this well-maintained luxury vacation home.

The all-inclusive price of $1,395 includes:

  • accommodations on secluded beachfront property
  • private rooms or double occupancy
  • catered meals, snacks and beverages
  • handouts and resource lists
  • custom book plan
  • personalized mentoring
  • individual, follow-up phone session

Special Offer!

Early-bird (date TBD) discount price: $1,195

Pay by PayPal or by check. For your convenience, you can make two equal payments; one when you register, and the other by three weeks before the event. Please see the registration sheet for more information. Click here to contact us if you’d like to make other payment arrangements.

When you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with more information, including driving directions and a MapQuest link. We also ask you to complete and return two short forms. The first is a Confidentiality Agreement, designed to protect you and the other registrants. The second is a short pre-event questionnaire so we can learn more about your book, what stage you’re at, your goals and the topics of most interest. We want to ensure this is an incredible experience for you, so we’ll customize our presentations to your needs!

Click here and register now to reserve your place at this retreat workshop.

Specific needs or general questions? Feel free to contact facilitator/editor Lori Zue at 425-359-0202 or Lori@LoriZueEdits.com.

What other authors and business professionals say about Lori

“Lori is a breath of fresh air!” – Catherine B., author

“Talented with a capital ‘T’” – Susan Wiggs, author

“I was impressed with the detailed feedback you had for each of us, and to walk away with a plan was simply great!” – Cheryl Taylor, business professional

“I love everything you’ve done with the manuscript!” – Melissa Walters, business professional, author

“I love your editing style. Just what I need!” – Mikelann Valterra, business professional, author

“Lori is the perfect blend of taskmaster and cheerleader.” – Lynne Roberts, author, book publicist

“Lori Zue has the intelligence, passion and inspiration to transform your idea into a huge success.” – Anthony Palmer, business professional, author

A sample of what you’ll learn in the eight workshop-style presentations:

Get answers to your questions on a variety of book writing, publishing and marketing topics during these 60- to 90-minute information-packed presentations scheduled throughout the weekend. You’ll build your detailed, personalized Book Plan as we go.

Workshop #1 – “So You Want to Write a Book…!”

An overview of the process, start to finish. From concept to successful sales, and everything in between. Answers to these questions: What are the steps you’ll take and the decisions you’ll make? What’s the best order for those steps and decisions? How long will they each take? Who else do you need to help get the book done? What are your goals for the book? What kind of book is it – the genre, the format? Are you doing a print book, an ebook, or both? What are the benefits and downsides of each? We’ll provide the answers so you can make the decisions. Hear tips from experts and self-avowed non-experts. Start developing your complete plan for writing, publishing and selling your book by using the Book Plan document we’ve created. Receive the first of many handouts, including resource lists, tip sheets and To-Do lists.

Workshop #2 – “Manuscript Magic”

Get clear on who your intended audience(s) is, and how much – and the type of – information you’ll include. If you’re writing fiction, what’s the story’s premise and plot? How to organize the content. How to organize your materials and resources, your time and yourself as you’re writing the manuscript. Writing and editing ‘Do’s and Don’ts.’ The various types of editors and what they do. Tips for stomping out writer’s block, your own lack of confidence, and the occasional naysayer. How to do some of the polishing your manuscript needs, and why you can’t do it all. The importance of critique partners or groups, and how writing coaches can keep you on track. Tips, Book Plan and handouts.

Workshop #3 – “Defining and Identifying the Slippery Beast: a Publisher”

One of the biggest topics we’ll cover, it’s fraught with perils but has profit potential. Definitions of various types of publishers. Similarities and differences between them. Pro’s and con’s of each. When to choose each type. Who and what type to avoid. How do you research and find them? How to find the right one for you and your book. What you can learn from publishers’ catalogs. Lori’s List of Hand-Picked Publishers. What you need to know about book distribution before you decide on a publisher. How the book distribution system is changing, and how to benefit from those changes. What Amazon and others have done to revolutionize book sales. Who are the major book distributors? Tips, Book Plan and handouts.

Workshop #4 – “Pitches, Queries, Synopses and Proposals”

You’ve heard people refer to them, but what are they? What are their similarities and differences? When do you use each of them? How do they relate to the various genres – fiction, non-fiction, children’s? What are good examples of each? What makes a good one, or a bad one? Practice writing a 20-second pitch for your own manuscript. What are submission requirements, and how do you find them? How important is it to follow them? What are the unwritten rules? What are the trends affecting submissions? Affecting accepted manuscripts? Does the size of the publishing house affect your chances of getting a contract? Learn some necessary jargon so you can speak the language of publishers and outshine the competition. Tips, Book Plans and handouts.

Workshop #5 – “Cover Design and Interior Layout – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

This often-overlooked area is small but mighty when it comes to book sales. Why? Learn terms used to describe elements on the cover and interior sections. What are their purposes? Why do you want them? How do you get them? Who can help you with them? Look at examples of covers and interior layouts produced by a range of companies: from self-publishers to the big NYC pub houses. What does and doesn’t work? Most common mistakes? How important is a good cover, or an interior design? What are their purposes? How to spot most self-published books from a mile away. What are the easy things that could have been done to fix them? What does this loss of credibility do to distribution and sales? What are your choices for getting effective cover and interior designs? How the amount of input an author has on cover design and interior layout depends on the chosen publishing route and specific company. How to sell more books by matching your content and genre with an effective interior layout. What to do – and avoid doing – with your interior layout. Tips, Book Plans and handouts.

Workshop #6 – “Making the Numbers Add Up – Book Budgets for Non-Brainiacs”

Learn about the costs of various steps in the entire process, including writing, editing, designing, publishing, distributing, promoting and selling. Which costs are covered by which type of publisher? Does the author pay for any of this? How the book’s selling price is determined. What are author royalties? What major role does the distributor play in your final sales figures? In your budget? How to understand and assess your sales data. See sample budgets spanning the large range of publishing opportunities. What’s the most challenging part of determining your costs? Which part do people frequently make mistakes on, and why? Expensive pitfalls to avoid. Tips, Book Plans and handouts.

Workshop #7 – “Start Promoting and Selling Your Book Before You Write ‘The End’”

Why authors need to market and promote their own books, in addition to whatever their publishers do. Why your publisher won’t do it all. Why even the big name authors do some of their own book promotions and marketing. How important is it? When should you start? What are the benefits to starting before your book goes to the printer? Who can help? What’s an ‘author platform’? What do the big publishing houses research about an author before contracting a manuscript, and why do they care? How does an author’s platform impact a publisher’s decision to contract that book? What are the hot new ideas for promoting your book? What are the tried and true methods? How to increase your book’s visibility and skyrocket sales by leveraging your involvement in these activities: your own web site; blogging; social media networking; your book’s Amazon ranking; Amazon links; partnering with other companies to refer and/or sell your books; partnering with schools and non-profit organizations; working with independent bookstores; book tours, both live and virtual; book groups; speaking appearances; author signings; and hiring a PR firm (retainer vs. pay-as-you-go). Common terms related to promoting and selling. Tips from several bestselling authors, other experts and those I-learned-it-the-hard-way, self-avowed non-experts. Book Plans and handouts.

Workshop #8 – “Finish Building Your Book Plan”

Finish participants’ book plans started on the first day. Revise where needed. Put in dates, costs, resources and where to go to find more resources. Discuss key milestone marks. Identify check-in points with a writing buddy or coach. Q & A. Conclude with a discussion of participants’ plans.

Ready to register? Click here for a registration form.

Need more information? Contact facilitator/editor Lori Zue at 425-359-0202 or Lori@LoriZueEdits.com.

Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind event in the Puget Sound area. It’s your chance to get away for a long weekend and get an overview of how to write, publish and sell your book. So go for it. Invest in yourself, your business, your dream.

Hope to see you there!

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